October 16, 2007

Moving in the old furniture

The Firm is in a state-of-the-art office building. With identical data outlet sockets in every room, modular office furniture, and an efficient office administration department supplied with plenty of hand trucks and burly workers, they can move a person's working space (including desk, files, computer, lamps, cabinets) from one room to another inside an hour. I recall the dizzy feeling of working in one room at nine in the morning, and being moved, and working somewhere else by eleven; phone working, computer on the network, cabinets and files set up. I'd never worked for a huge multi-national company before I came to The Firm, so I was unprepared for the psychological effects of being moved four times within my first year. At first I put up a fight and tried to ultimately personalize my space with art prints and interesting objects. Then each time I moved it took longer to unpack the boxes and get out "aesthetic" stuff. I've adopted a much plainer style of decorating my office.

Same goes for staking claim to a patch of cyberspace. I recall all the effort I went to creating my first websites: writing them in html, uploading them to my ISP's server with an FTP client, rewriting and uploading every time I wanted to make a change. Things are so much easier nowadays with Google and other on-line hosts. And there are other reasons I created pages. I was a very hands-on forum administrator for a few years, and I created pages of references for the members. And each time I changed ISPs or had to abandon a server for some reason, it would take a long time to motivate myself to upload my old pages and get them to work right again.

Blogging is a new medium to me. It took me some time to warm up to it. There were a few weeks I didn't think I wanted to keep doing it. There's a feeling associated with it that very much reminds me of the pressure of writing a weekly newspaper column. But there's a positive side to that pressure (which I realize nobody else but me is putting on myself), and that's the impetus to create.

So... I've decided I'm gonna be in this space for a while. I may as well unpack my boxes and decorate a little. You'll notice a new sidebar on the right containing links to some of the old html pages I mentioned above.

The first one, Resources for Dreamers, I created for a short-lived dreamwork forum I ran two years back. There's good stuff on that list. It took some digging on the Internet to find a lot of it. I actually have found more since I made that list, so I plan to update it sometime soon. Stay tuned!

The next one down, The Secret Archives, is one of the first websites I ever created, back in 2000. It's corny, and has that retro look to it. But I've decided to leave it as it is. It's a repository of my writing from the 1990s.

And the third link, Mystical and Occult Libraries and Text Archives, was something I created for a mysticism forum I moderated for several years. Those links also took some digging to collect. I've also found more to add to this list since I created it, so keep your eyes open for an update of that, too.

Phew! Unpacking and setting up house is hard work. But before I call it a day and crack open a beer, could somebody help me get this chest of drawers over to that corner over there?


Henitsirk said...

Hey Theo, sorry to shower your blog with comments tonight, but I can't seem to find your email address...in The Secret Archives, I was reading in the intro to the Eastern Passages piece about you being in Woodland when you heard about the Berlin Wall. That's where my son was born! (Woodland, not Berlin.) That's a pretty small town to have in common, eh? I kind of miss the Central Valley, just not in the summer.

Theo Huffman said...

Wait a second. Am I hearing you right? Are you apologizing for commenting? There are people who'd pay good money to have people comment on their blogs. Hey! I think I just hit upon an ingenious business idea. ;-)

"Professional journalist/copy editor/corporate editor writes daily witty and creative comments on your blog using several different usernames to give the appearance of traffic and social activity. Fee: $100 a day. Discounts available for two-week and one-month contracts."

Could work. Hmmmm. Maybe somebody's already doing this. Do you think...? Naaaaaa.

Anyway. Woodland California. A fine little burg. Great Mexican food. If you lived there, then you also know the village of Knights Landing, and the downright obscure Robbins (half way to Yuba City). Yup. The Central Valley does have its charms. Best organic produce in the world, probably. But I'm happy where I live now. There are pros and cons to any place.

Henitsirk said...

Actually, we lived in Sacramento when my son was born in Woodland (long story), but I do know most of the towns thereabouts...not Robbins though.

I do miss the produce, and the legal raw milk!

And I know what you mean about comments. I always joke about my 5-6 loyal readers, and how my parents are complete lurkers. I think commenting on blogs is beyond them.