March 29, 2010

The Big Lie

As I was just about to leave for work this morning, my wife pointed to the computer screen to show me the headline to a breaking news story: Suspected Suicide Bombers Hit Moscow Metro Stations.

Here we go again. I left for work, and haven't even read the news in the meantime. I know what to expect. Don't you? Oh come now! It's so predictable. All information will be controlled by the authorities, since they will seal off the stations and commit all officials to secrecy. The news media will parrot and paraphrase and rehash and over analyze the paltry tidbits of disinformation the Russian government spoon feeds them.

Public opinion will be manipulated by emotional interviews with eyewitnesses and friends and relatives of the victims.

The "investigation" will conclude that it was done by Chechen "terrorists". Or, if there is another Russian republic in need of suppressing, it will be Islamic terrorists from that republic, and the whole thing will justify the Russian government: 1. weeding out whatever democracy and freedom had managed to sprout in Russian society 2. sending troops to kick some provincial butts, and 3. increasing the military budget and military influence. Same old story.

Coincidence that this happens days after the US and Russia announce a new arms treaty? That gives the White House cover for not shouting too loud about whatever the Russian government does in response. Wouldn't want to spoil the treaty before it's signed, would we?

I used to scoff at the conspiracy theories concerning 911. Especially because some of the things people said were so absurd. One of the favorites among Hungarian anti-Semites was that no Jews showed up to work in the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11th, because they had been warned by Israeli contacts. Sure.

But then came the bombing of the London Metro. When I read that on the very morning of the bombing a consulting firm was conducting terrorist scenario exercises in the Metro, rehearsing incidents alarmingly similar to the ones that actually occurred, my suspicions were raised. And the more I read and learn, the suspicions just won't go away.

Don't believe what the news media tell you! Take it all with a huge grain of salt! Also consider that the majority of conspiracy theories are a bunch of bullshit. That doesn't mean that some of them aren't true.

I don't think 7 World Trade Center fell without a little well-planned help.

What does one do with these suspicions? How does one act in this context? That's a puzzle this pansophist philosopher is still working on.

Don't believe me! Think for yourself!